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MN90: The Lighthouse Keeper's Mistake

Split Rock Lighthouse has been a fixture of Northern Minnesota for generations. But few know the story behind its shaky beginning. What happens when an overeager new lighthouse keeper jumps the gun?

MN90: The Lure of the Lighthouse

For decades, the majority of functioning lighthouses have operated mechanically, without a resident lighthouse keeper to keep things going. Yet tourists still flock to sites like Split Rock to ponder the lighthouse keeper’s lifestyle. What is it about a lighthouse that keeps us wondering?

MN90: The Mayo Brothers Make Medical History

The Mayo Clinic treats more than half a million people each year in Rochester, Minnesota, and in facilities in Florida and Arizona. MN90 producer Marisa Helms reports that the Mayo family philosophy of team-based patient care was established early on, and continues to be a hallmark of the world-famous hospital.

MN90: The Overachieving Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge is an iconic part of the Minneapolis landscape. But it hasn't always been just for looks and bicyclists and pedestrians. MN90 Producer Andi McDaniel discovers the hard-working past of this famous Minneapolis landmark. Includes an interview with David Stevens of Mill City Museum.

MN90: Topping the Charts in 3-part Harmony

Known for their tight harmonies and vivacious personalities, the Andrews Sisters of Minneapolis topped the charts from the end of the Great Depression until the 1950s. MN90 producer Marisa Helms tells us that the three sisters, LaVerne, Maxene and Patty, had 15 gold records, 113 charted hits, and sold 100-million records in all, with more top-ten songs than Elvis Presley or the Beatles.

MN90: Tunnels in the Sky

In addition to long underwear and hot dish, Minnesotans have another secret to staying warm in the winter: Skyways. MN90 Producer Andi McDaniel finds out about skyways’ Minnesota debut, and how they continue to shape our city streets.

MN90: Women Strike for Equal Pay

In the late 1970s, eight female employees from the Citizens’ National Bank in Willmar stirred up controversy in their town and across the country when they filed a complaint against the bank for unequal pay and gender discrimination. The Willmar 8, as they were called, formed their own union and went on strike for two years. MN90 producer Marisa Helms tells us the Willmar 8 came to symbolize the uphill climb many American women face when seeking equity in the workplace.

MN90:Fiddler on a Chanhassen Roof

The not-so tiny town of Chanhassen, Minnesota is home to one of the longest running dinner theater's in the country. It began when Herbert and Carolyn Bloomberg, both lovers of Broadway shows, asked themselves, " Wouldn't it be nice to have a little bit of Broadway in Chanhassen?" Now, four decades and over ten million visitors later, the rest is history. Allison Herrera tells us about the Chanhassen Dinner Theater.

Photograph of a 1925 Mobile gas station in Carver Minnesota

Mobile Gas Station

Mobile Gas Station at 200 Broadway, Carver, Minnesota. Built in 1925.

Black and white photograph of monument to First Battery, Minnesota Light Artillery.

Monument to First Battery, Minnesota Light Artillery.

As the photo's label states, this monument at Shiloh National Military Park was dedicated on April 10, 1908.


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