MN90: A Hero for Hard Times

Minnesotans elected Floyd B. Olson as the state’s first Farmer-Labor party governor in 1930, during the height of the Great Depression. During this tough time, thousands of people across the country were out of work, dealing with bread lines, and losing their farms to foreclosure. MN90 producer Marisa Helms introduces us to Floyd B. Olson, who became the hero Minnesotans were hoping for.

MN90: A Socialist Opera House Brings Pride to the Finnish Immigrant Community

Finnish immigrants came to Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range to take jobs in the mines. Because working conditions were brutal, many went on strike 1916. The action cost them their jobs and the strikers were blacklisted. Producer Allison Herrera tells us about a special meeting place that elevated the community.

MN90: America's First Indoor Mall

MN90: America's First Indoor Mall

MN90: At home on the Iron Range – Restoring a Jewish legacy in Virginia, MN

MN90: At home on the Iron Range – Restoring a Jewish legacy in Virginia, MN

MN90: Chess on Ice

The sport of curling, according to Bemidji native and Olympian Cassie Potter mixes elements of golf, shuffleboard, chess, and bowling. MN90 Producer Andi McDaniel finds out why Minnesotans and others decided to combine all those games on ice.

MN90: Dr. Martha Ripley, an Early Champion for Women's Rights

Martha Ripley was a nurse by training when she moved to Minneapolis with her husband in 1883. Her expertise in medical care and her commitment to the rights of some of the city's destitute young mothers led to her to open a hospital dedicated to their care. Allison Herrera tells us about her remarkable life.

MN90: F. Scott Fitzgerald — the voice of his generation

St. Paulite F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered one of America’s greatest authors. MN90 producer Marisa Helms speaks with Minnesota writer Patricia Hampl who says though Fitzgerald’s reputation was solidified in more glamorous places like New York and Europe, Fitzgerald always had a romance with the Midwest, and his Midwest was St. Paul.

MN90: Fiddler on a Chanhassen Roof

The not-so tiny town of Chanhassen, Minnesota is home to one of the longest running dinner theater's in the country. It began when Herbert and Carolyn Bloomberg, both lovers of Broadway shows, asked themselves, " Wouldn't it be nice to have a little bit of Broadway in Chanhassen?" Now, four decades and over ten million visitors later, the rest is history. Allison Herrera tells us about the Chanhassen Dinner Theater.

MN90: George Bonga: Minnesota's First Fur Trader

Half black, half Ojibwe, George Bonga was the first person of African descent born in what was then the territory of Minnesota in 1802. He was a fur trader and a treaty translator that forged vital relationships with both Europeans and Native Americans. Allison Herrera tells us more about his important role in Minnesota history.

MN90: Home of the Grange

When Oliver Kelley began farming in Minnesota during the mid-1850s, he was frustrated by the low status of farmers and the isolation of rural life. So along with six others, he started an organization called the Grange, which as MN90 Producer Andi McDaniel explains, changed agrarian life in America by bringing farmers together to socialize and advocate for themselves. Includes an interview with Bob Quist of Oliver Kelley Farm.


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