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Johnson, John Albert (1861–1909)

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Governor John A. Johnson

Governor John A. Johnson, c.1909.

John Albert Johnson was Minnesota's first governor born in the state, its first governor to serve a full term in the current State Capitol, and its first governor to die in office, making him one of the state's most notable leaders. He also was the first Minnesota governor to bask, albeit fleetingly, in the national spotlight when he sought the 1908 Democratic presidential nomination but lost to William Jennings Bryan.

John Albert Johnson was born on July 28, 1861, in St. Peter. He was the eldest child of an impoverished Swedish family abandoned by an alcoholic father, and he left school at age thirteen to support his mother and siblings by clerking in a store. In 1887, local Democrats, impressed with the enterprising young clerk, asked him to join their party and edit the strongly Democratic St. Peter Herald. Johnson's success as a journalist attracted statewide attention and fostered his political aspirations.

Johnson married local schoolteacher Elinore (Nora) Preston on June 1, 1894. Around the same time, he began running for state office from his heavily Republican home county. After early losses, he finally was elected to the state senate in 1898, thanks to his growing bipartisan appeal.

Known as a courageous and charismatic leader, Johnson was elected the sixteenth governor of Minnesota in 1904. He was reelected in 1906 and 1908, serving as governor from January 4, 1905, to September 21, 1909.

Johnson's ability to work with legislators from both parties resulted in reform legislation such as reorganization of the state's insurance department to the benefit of policyholders, reduction of railroad passenger and freight rates, and removal of constitutional restraints on the legislature's power to tax.

Johnson began his third term as governor with reservations. His health was precarious, and he wanted to pursue a promising sideline career as a public speaker. When he died suddenly on September 21, 1909, at age forty-eight in Rochester following surgery, the state's citizens were grief-stricken. His lieutenant governor and successor, A.O. Eberhart, formed a John A. Johnson Memorial Commission in October 1909. The group commissioned and erected memorial statues of Johnson at the State Capitol and in his hometown of St. Peter.

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Turning Point

In 1904, John Albert Johnson is elected to his first term as governor of Minnesota and starts on a path to national political recognition.



John Albert Johnson is born on July 28 in St. Peter, Minnesota.


In February, local Democrats ask Johnson to edit the strongly Democratic St. Peter Herald.


Johnson marries local schoolteacher Elinore (Nora) Preston on June 1.


He is elected to the state senate, thanks to his growing bipartisan appeal.


Johnson is elected to his first of three terms as governor of Minnesota.


Johnson dies suddenly on September 21 at age forty-eight in Rochester following surgery.



New York prison guards to smuggle drugs into the <a href=>escarpins louboutin</a> prison inmates to sell more than the defendant (Figure)

July 30, according to American media reports, officials in New York City on Tuesday (the 29th) announced that large quantities of cocaine and oxycodone flow Island (Rikers Island) in the hands of the prisoner, and some guards actually involved in drug trafficking.

Part of the prison guards in the past six months, repeatedly use their special status to drugs brought into the prison, and inmates pay 400-900 U.S. dollars to them.

New York City Bureau of Investigation, said seven guards involved in drug trafficking and <a href=>piumini peuterey</a> other ethical crime. Survey Secretary Peters (Mark Peters) said <a href=>piumino moncler</a> that, because of their drugs smuggled into Lake Island, which undermine the security guards in New York City jail, but also betrayed the honor as a law enforcement <a href=>peuterey outlet</a> officer.

Investigation Peters, Special Prosecutor Brennan (Bridget Brennan) and other law enforcement officials, leading Lake Island 12 staff subject to criminal charges.

Because beating prisoners and fabricate stories <a href=>bottes louboutin</a> and providing false documents to cover up their practices, while several guards to be prosecuted.

A Drug Enforcement Administration agents posing as relatives of the prisoners, who had discussions with drug trafficking suspects that plainclothes law enforcement officers transactions being recorded.

America media: Abe government to change policy or by pacifism alienated voters

July 1, according to the United States, "Wall Street Journal" reported on July 1, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe <a href=>chaussures louboutin</a> will make a historic adjustment to the country for 60 years pacifist policy, in order to achieve long-standing personal goals. But some scholars have pointed out that Abe making such a major reform when bypassing the public, which makes a mockery of the Japanese Constitution and the democratic system; once Japan's economy cooled down, people's patience may be exhausted; change its pacifist policy would have may make voters alienated.

Earlier Japanese officials said the security situation in view of Japan's "fundamental changes" Abe Cabinet plans to July 1 release reinterpretation of the Japanese Constitution, would allow the country's Self-Defense Forces to help allies under attack. Prior to this, the Japanese government said that the post-war constitution prohibits Japan from the United States to develop the use of force, except for a few cases of self-defense.

Broad interpretation of this provision will allow owned collective self-defense, is likely to increase in Japan's alliance with the United States assumed the military burden.

According to Japan's Kyodo News reported that Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Komeito parties held on the 1st morning of the legal system of security consultations on amending the constitution to explain the decision to ban collective self-defense in case the Cabinet agreed. After ruling on the joint text of the Cabinet resolution formal agreement, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be convened in the afternoon National Security Council, decided to exercise collective self-defense of the Cabinet resolutions. Then will preside over the temporary cabinet meeting decided to exercise collective self-defense.

"Wall Street Journal" to see the draft Cabinet statement said, according to the new interpretation, when closely associated with Japan's national under attack, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have the right to use military force. Abe and his aides said it will be shot down by the Japanese for the Japanese not directly pave the way for the country's ballistic missile, for example, North American military bases to Guam launched missiles.

The draft statement said, further improving the effectiveness of the US-Japan security arrangements, and strengthen the alliance's deterrent power is critical to avoid armed conflicts and threats against Japan.

American officials, including President Barack Obama endorsed the policy adjustments, including Japan. Japanese defense researcher Strategic Research Forum said Washington believes it is only a matter of time, in the United States defense budget contraction, the United States military struggled to maintain an appropriate influence in the occasion of the Asia-Pacific region, Japan's increasingly tough stance, military power has grown exponentially .

But the survey shows that Japanese people are divided on this issue. Japan's three major newspapers - "Japanese Economic News", "Daily News" and "Asahi Shimbun" in a poll conducted last week showed that at least half of the respondents to the exercise of collective self-defense of <a href=>chaussures louboutin</a> Japan opposed the idea of ??holding supportive attitude of not more than one-third of the respondents. "Daily News" The survey shows that 71 percent of respondents expressed concern that doing so may make Japan into the war in other countries.

The survey also showed that people on the use of executive orders to Abe constitutional approach also <a href=>abercrombie</a> dissatisfied Abe doing so is equivalent to a file without modifying the actual wording of the major constitutional premise.

More than half of the respondents <a href=>moncler sito ufficiale </a> said that this policy adjustment should not be solely a Cabinet decision on the entry into force, less than 30 percent of respondents said that this is an acceptable last resort.

In the 2006-2007 period for the first time as Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe has tried to expand Japan's military influence. At the time, his efforts to promote the constitutional amendment was strongly opposed to the liberal and sparked public mistrust Abe stepped down after a year in power. When returned to power in December 2012, Abe proposed to create more convenient conditions for the constitutional amendment, but the proposal failed to gather momentum.

Reported that Japan's pacifist constitution entered into force since 1947 has never altered, to change it almost impossible task. Abe changed the strategy, claiming that if the Constitution could be reinterpreted ban collective self-defense. This lead to its coalition partner New Komeito Party, criticized the latter to re-interpret the Constitution premature to say, it is not necessary. But recently, the New Komeito Party leaders abandoned the original position, indicating that they are willing and Abe are located along the LDP support the plan.

LDP officials said the actual mobilization of collective self-defense under the name of the military still needs Parliament passed new legislation. Since the ruling coalition in parliament have occupied Japan majority, and Japan will go to the 2016 national elections, so the ruling coalition in fact almost unfettered.

Over the past few weeks, Shinzo Abe, the support rate fell slightly, but compared to his predecessors, 40% -50% support rate is still relatively high. But critics say the public's disappointment is still fermenting.

June 30, a protester attempting a busy train <a href=>moncler</a> station in Tokyo immolation. According to local media and witnesses, this unidentified man through the speakers condemned the Japanese government for collective self-defense action, then poured gasoline on himself and ignited.

Temple University's Tokyo campus in Kingston, head of Asian Studies, said Abe when making such a major reform to bypass the public, which makes a mockery of the Japanese Constitution and the democratic system; voters elected him to power not because of his consciousness shape the agenda, but his commitment to the economic recovery; once Japan's economy cooled down, people's patience may be exhausted.

British super mini donkey <a href=>abercrombie france</a> born cute petite height 60 cm (Figure)

July 21, according to foreign media reports on the 20th, a Devon farm, recently birth of a super-mini donkey, only about 14 kg weight, height only 60 cm, is the UK's most mini donkey figure .

Because only donkey too tall, <a href=>peuterey outlet</a> its owner put it <a href=>peuterey sito ufficiale</a> named the <a href=>peuterey outlet</a> "Dinky", meaning "very, very small." "Dinky"'s mother also has a mini donkey, so it was born than normal donkey very much smaller head and a puppy almost.

Currently, the farmer <a href=>chaussures louboutin</a> who has put "Dinky" to shelter, hoping "Dinky" can grow up healthy. "Dinky" live animal shelter, not only allows visitors to freely feeding donkeys, but also to educate the people, love animals.

Russia and the United States black "wrestling" Obama repeatedly Putin propaganda air accident investigation

After Washington, July 21 (Reporter Zhang Ran) Russia's stance has never provided "beech" anti-aircraft missiles or any other weapons to Ukrainian civil armed forces, President Barack Obama on the 21st again <a href=>hogan italia</a> to the Russian propaganda, saying that Russia has <a href=>woolrich outlet bologna online</a> the responsibility to require pro-Russian. " separatists "with the international investigation, if it continues to support the" separatists "Russia will pay a higher price.

Obama delivered a speech at the White House that day, saying that it is imperative to identify the perpetrators accountable MH17 airliner crash truth, the need for rapid international investigators, comprehensive, transparent and unhindered investigation. He accused the eastern part of Ukraine, "separatists" are moving evidence from the crash site, preventing international investigators full access.

Obama said that Russia <a href=>piumini woolrich</a> and President Putin have a responsibility requirements "separatists" with the international investigation, to stop the destruction of evidence, and responsible for the safety of international investigators.

He said the United States continues to believe that the crisis in Ukraine should be resolved through diplomatic channels, but if Russia continued violation of Ukraine's sovereignty, support the "separatists", Russia will be further isolated from the international community, to pay a higher price for their actions.

MH17 aircraft after the crash, the White House on the 18th, said evidence shows that the pro-Russian airliner in the region, "separatists" was shot down by anti-aircraft missiles controlled, but speculated that the motive was behind the "too early." Two days after the Secretary of State Warren publicly declared that a lot of evidence to suggest that Russia's participation in the airliner was shot down by a missile over the events in Ukraine, Russia provides advanced SA-11 type ("Beech") missile systems to civil militants and train them how to use it kinds of missiles. Ukrainian side is released after the crash occurred pro-Russian armed transported to Russia, "beech" missile facility image.

For the United States and Ukraine, "accused", Russia had a "map with the truth," the rebuttal. Russian Defense Ministry announced on the 21st difficult horse aviation satellite monitoring information to show the day of the crash, near the Ukrainian army in Donetsk multiple "beech -M1" air defense missile battalion in combat duty status, Malaysia Airlines passenger plane in the range of range . Russian Defense Ministry also said they had never <a href=>hogan italia</a> provided "beech" air defense missile facilities or any other weapons to armed black folk, relevant civil armed Ukraine announced delivery of images <a href=>hogan outlet</a> to the Russian system "beech" missile facilities forgery. Putin require the parties to exercise restraint to make any hasty conclusions, do not leave a politicized statements. (End)

Japan said that Russia unilaterally cancel the dialogue <a href=>hogan outlet</a> opportunity <a href=>scarpe hogan outlet shop</a> to express regret

August 6, according to Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" reported on the 6th, on the Russian side to postpone the date Efuwaichang consultation issue, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei said <a href=>woolrich outlet bologna online</a> at a press conference that day, "Russia unilaterally cancel the opportunities for dialogue, Japan Fang said he was very sorry. "

About Putin's visit to Japan scheduled this fall plans, Kan Yi Wei once again said, "Now there is no settled, the Japanese side will be taken into account various factors, while advancing to explore."

Day <a href=>woolrich sito ufficiale</a> Efuwaizhang meeting originally scheduled for the end of August <a href=>hogan</a> was held. Deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry Information Department, Maria Petrova on the 5th 鈥?Zaha answer media questions, said: "Indeed, Russia's deputy foreign minister-level consultations on the date originally scheduled during this period, but we believe in Tokyo <a href=>scarpe hogan outlet</a> background through a new round of sanctions against Russia. Under inappropriate to hold such a meeting. therefore consultation postponed. "

Kan Yi <a href=>scarpe hogan outlet shop</a> Wei at a press conference held in Tokyo, said that despite the approval of Japan on the 5th "and Crimea to join Russia and undermine the situation in eastern Ukraine directly relevant" 40 Russians and two companies impose sanctions, Japan to continue the dialogue with Russia.


Reading can also be <a href=>peuterey</a> very sweet: Cambridge University recruit "Dr. Chocolate"

August 17 electric saying goes, "learning is endless suffering for the boat," but now, learning can also be very "sweet." According to foreign media reports, Cambridge University Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology disciplines are openly recruit <a href=>scarpe hogan</a> "Chocolate Doctor" Graduate study how to make chocolate does not melt in the hot days, so that students can sip a favorite chocolate tasting meet while to get a doctorate.

According to reports, the graduate students to specialize in how to prevent and chocolate <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> body temperature close to premature melting in warm conditions, while also ensuring the quality of the chocolate flavor is not <a href=>scarpe hogan outlet</a> affected, so that chocolate can be stored and sold in the hot days.

Of course, chocolate is <a href=>woolrich outlet</a> not just good to get admission. On admission notice <a href=>hogan outlet</a> pointed out that the research projects are "experimental," intends candidates must have <a href=>hogan online</a> good math skills, and before August 29 this year to apply.


South Korea Foreign Minister talks after a lapse of 10 months gully it hard understanding <a href=>scarpe hogan</a> of history

According to Japan, "Asahi Shimbun" <a href=>hogan</a> reported on August 11, on the 9th, Japanese Foreign Minister shore with South Korean Foreign Minister being held in the ASEAN (ASEAN) Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the Myanmar capital Naypyidaw, after a lapse of about 10 months to achieve the talks.

According <a href=>hogan outlet</a> <a href=>woolrich outlet</a> to the Japanese side said the two men, including foreign minister level, including the promotion of close communication, to agree to continue to hold the Foreign Ministry director-level agreements. On the other hand, on historical issues severely criticized Japan insurmountable gap still exists between the two shows.

According to reports, this is both <a href=>piumini moncler outlet</a> foreign minister since late September 2013, the first meeting. After the talks, the first listed Kishida increase exchanges between Japan and South Korea at all levels, stressing that <a href=>peuterey</a> "welcome"; he also said, "between the two countries although there are difficult issues, but the good bilateral relations conforms to the interests of Japan and South Korea, for the Asia-Pacific peace and stability in the region is essential. "

In this regard, Yinbing Shi said, "Recalling last year's Korean-Japanese relations, the bad news seems to be more than good news." He cited the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine, and the comfort women issue related to the re-verification, etc. Kono Statement, criticize these acts "serious damage to the bilateral <a href=>moncler outlet</a> relations." He suggested that "for the Korea-Japan relations can find the exit, I hope Japan's political leaders can give full play to the wisdom and political capacity."

Reported that Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine in late 2013, led to the extreme deterioration of bilateral relations. March 2014, under the coordination of the United States, the United States and South Korea summit talks can be achieved, improving relations with Japan and South Korea are also continuing to explore. The talks, to agree on the issue of high-level communication between the two sides outside the promotion of long-headed, but the summit for the second time since Abe regime has also failed to achieve, the two sides did not propose specific solutions. (Reporter Off Super)


Russian media: The United States Department of Defense in spite of congressional opposition insist on buying <a href=>hogan online</a> Russian helicopters

August 14, according to Russian media reports, the head of Rosoboronexport delegation Igor Sevastyanov 14, <a href=>piumini woolrich</a> said that although the U.S. Congress opposition, but the Pentagon still <a href=>scarpe hogan outlet</a> insists operations in Afghanistan, the use of the Russian helicopter purchase.

Russia had previously signed three contracts with the Pentagon, for the United States to provide more than 70 helicopters Mi -17B5 troops in <a href=>hogan outlet</a> Afghanistan. Sevastyanov said:. "Although the United States Congress oppose proposed various alternatives, and recommended use American production equipment, but the United States insisted to <a href=>woolrich parka</a> buy Russian military helicopters"

Sevastyanov <a href=>hogan prezzi</a> said that some American military officials in negotiations with Russia on behalf of repeatedly said it wanted to with <a href=>moncler outlet</a> Russia for military armaments, such as helicopters produced in Russia.

Ukraine affected by the crisis, the end of July the United States announced a new round of economic sanctions against Russia, which involves a number of important economic sectors of the Russian finance, energy, defense and so on. Russia has said it will not affect Western sanctions on Russian arms sales of billions of dollars.


Xi Jinping Meets with Special Envoy Bin elected president of Mauritania

Mauritanian <a href=>woolrich outlet</a> President Aziz was elected President Xi Jinping Meets with Special Envoy of the 2nd National Health and Family Planning Commission Li Bin, director of the presidential palace in Mauritania.

Bin Aziz Chairman Xi conveyed sincere greetings and good wishes. Li Bin, said Xi President attaches importance to developing friendly cooperative relations with Mauritania, China is willing to further strengthen hair exchanges at various levels, expand pragmatic cooperation and promote friendly relations and cooperation in wool depth development. I believe in the personal care and jointly promote the two leaders, Mao relations will usher in a better tomorrow.

Aziz thanked President Xi sent <a href=>moncler outlet</a> a special envoy to attend the inauguration ceremony, please <a href=>hogan prezzi</a> Bin Xi to <a href=>piumini woolrich</a> convey his sincere greetings to the President. Aziz said long history of good relations, gross square heartfelt thanks for China's long hair party for support <a href=>woolrich sito ufficiale</a> and help, and is willing to <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> deepen friendly cooperation in various fields and jointly push forward bilateral ties.

Bin Aziz also <a href=>hogan italia</a> attended the inauguration of President. (Reporter Wang Meng)


Russia rejects "aid as an excuse to <a href=>woolrich prezzi</a> invade Ukraine" allegations

MOSCOW, August 13 (Reporter Hu Xiaoguang) Russian Foreign Ministry on the 13th, said allegations of Russian humanitarian convoys could be used for military purposes "ridiculous."

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on its website on Australian officials' new anti-Russian attack speech "commented Macao officials issued a statement a few days recently unfounded, the Ukrainian tragic events, including horse unwarranted responsibility aviation difficult to Russian body, these statements are unacceptable.

Commented that Australia Russian officials called humanitarian convoys could be used for Ukraine to launch "armed invasion" is absurd opinion. Russia in the irresponsible remarks carried out the attack, the Australian Foreign Minister Bishop gone furthest.

Russia last week proposed to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in the eastern part of the leadership of the International Committee of the Red Cross, but the United States, Britain and Germany and other Western countries <a href=>moncler sito ufficiale</a> questioned this initiative. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that Russia has with Ukraine leaders immediately provide details of the agreement to humanitarian assistance in eastern Ukraine, hoping the West not to "interfere."

Russian humanitarian aid <a href=>woolrich outlet</a> convoy on the 12th morning departed from Moscow State southeastern Ukraine, the <a href=>scarpe hogan outlet shop</a> team is currently traveling in Russia is still yet to border areas.

Office of the President of Ukraine, deputy director of Qialei on the 12th, said <a href=>hogan</a> the Ukrainian side will not be released for humanitarian convoys of Russian immigrants. Russian humanitarian supplies will dress up in Russia and Ukraine border to the Red Cross organizations of the vehicle, the responsibility of the Ukrainian branch of the ICRC <a href=>hogan milano</a> in the territory of Ukraine, the Ukrainian <a href=>scarpe hogan outlet</a> side assume security obligations. He said the Ukrainian side did not agree to any humanitarian action will be considered a "military invasion" of the Ukrainian side.


Kerry is kidnapped U.S. reporter released statement Reporter mother grateful

According to the <a href=>piumini woolrich</a> United States "Time" magazine reported on August 25, the U.S. government confirmed on the 24th, who have been in Syria "base" organization branch of kidnapped American reporter Peter 鈥?Theo 鈥?Curtis (Peter Theo Curtis) was released after being detained for two years .

Reported that the United Nations contributed to Curtis's release, <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> but it is not clear their release location. United States Secretary of State Warren said <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> in a statement on the 24th, in the past two years the United States has sought to help more than 20 countries to release Curtis et al, <a href=>hogan donna</a> the future will continue to use "all diplomatic, intelligence and <a href=>piumini woolrich</a> military means" to rescue American hostages. In addition, Curtis said the mother of all the people who helped thanks and hope the <a href=>hogan</a> public will respect their family's privacy.

According to reports, Curtis October 2012 in Antakya, Turkey was the "base" organization branch "Nusrat Front" kidnapped, then imprisoned in Syria. Was imprisoned by the United States with reporters Matthew 鈥?Shi Lille (Matthew Schrier), he escaped in July 2013 tied after seven months. Shi Lille said that he had starved, ill-treatment by prison guards, and was unable to walk until whipping the soles.

Earlier, U.S. reporter James 鈥?Foley (James Foley) was extremist armed "Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria" (ISIS) beheaded, the U.S. government had tried to rescue American hostages, but Foley and other actions <a href=>piumini moncler outlet</a> fail. (Internship compilation: Qiu Shuang Reviewer: Nie Lubin)


America Proposed UAV into Syria and Syria together the White House insisted unintentional

"Extremist organization" Islamic State of Iraq and the Shamrock '(ISIS) to attack the United States is imminent thing. "Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, issued a warning. ISIS claims that Syria had occupied the eastern third of the land and a quarter of the territory of Iraq. The Pentagon confirmed that 25 evening, the United States will send reconnaissance aircraft entered Syrian airspace without the Syrian government approval or authorization, in order to prepare for the raid ISIS goal. White House spokesman on the 26th in the morning, "said the government has no plans to cooperate with Bashar hit ISIS". But let the Obama administration is very embarrassing, because it will change the Syrian civil war broke out three years ago the United States has been reluctant involved in the situation, and even change the geopolitics in the Middle East.

According to the United States, "Wall Street Journal" reported that Pentagon officials said the American Central Command request to send more reconnaissance aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles, including the airspace into Syria to gather intelligence on extremist Islamic militants target for military may expand beyond Iraq limited air combat area ready. American officials also said the eastern part of the Syrian air defense system will not pose a threat because of the air defense system of the sensing device configured sparse or unavailable. UAV will enter Syrian airspace without the Syrian government approval or authorization. However, Syrian Foreign Minister on the 25th warned that any Syrian territory without permission to enter the fight against extremist groups, will be treated as invasion.

"The United States is not the first to enter the Syrian territory without permission." U.S. "New York Times" said. In fact, in July this year, an unsuccessful hostage rescue, the United States special forces had done so. But this time there is air support aircraft rescue raid ended in failure, because these are controlled by the Americans had been transferred.

The most embarrassing than the United States, has threatened to overthrow the government of Bashar Does the U.S. government to cooperate with the Syrian army? United States, "New York Times" quoted the deputy assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Rhodes as saying Syria raid territory ISIS "NA" enemy of my enemy is my friend "logic" that "if the cooperation with the authorities in Damascus, Syria, and Iraq will offend Sunni. " White House spokesman also acknowledged that military action in Syria territory involved too, and easy to hurt the American hostages, the United States wants to avoid as much as possible. Closely with the White House think tank "Center for American Progress' Brian Head 鈥?Katulisi said the Obama administration does not want to give any signal on the Damascus authorities favorable, or want to build, including Jordan, Turkey and Saudi alliance and strengthen." Free Syrian Army "strength. But many analysts say, "Free Syrian Army" strength weak, and even harder to protect themselves. U.S. national security analyst Peter <a href=>peuterey</a> Bergen 鈥?said it would be difficult to do so does not put ground troops. Bergen said that if air strikes ISIS, it may help the Lebanese Hezbollah or Damascus authorities, leading to strange geopolitical results.

Lebanese "Daily Star" comments that expand the scope of the fight against Iran is a factor to be reckoned with. "Islamic State" and other Sunni extremist groups get support, and expanding its threat to Iran's Shiite-led force, and therefore how to handle the delicate relationship with Iran, the fight against extremism, the United States is a challenge. British "Guardian" said, with Syria, Iraq, Turkey has <a href=>woolrich prezzi</a> a long border, consistent anti-Assad forces open borders, <a href=>woolrich sito ufficiale</a> ISIS staff can freely access.

"Obama is clearly not made up of military intervention in the determination." 鈥?Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on the 25th, but the White House would like to prove that it did <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> not do nothing in the face of major strategic threat. According to the U.S. "Time" magazine reported that the White House spokesman, said on the 25th, even though a large number of Westerners to join ISIS, but the United States has not found any evidence to suggest that these people would attack the United States. Currently, there are 12,000 Syrian foreign militants from at least 50 countries.

According to ABC 26 reported, ISIS has raised $ 6.6 million ransom to release a 26-year-old American woman of quality. Reuters and Ipsos co findings on the 26th showed that 62 percent of Americans think the government should not pay ransom to terrorists in exchange for hostages. Most respondents believe that the United States should intervene in some way in Iraq, but the vast majority of respondents were opposed to the United States to send troops to set foot on the land <a href=>scarpe hogan</a> of Iraq, the Iraqi government aid. Syrian Intelligence - Director Damascus Center for Strategic Studies, "Global Times" reporter, said the possibility of a small American ground troops. Even the cross-border fight against "Islamic State" and other extremist groups, and the effect is limited. He believes that "Islamic State" <a href=>peuterey outlet</a> has been able to grow in power, is dependent on personnel and material aid Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey and <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> other countries. Therefore, the fundamental solution lies in cutting external assistance and supplies. (Reporter Liu Rui Huan Xiang Tao short Housing)


"Anti-European style" analysis of European integration challenges facing the European Union, said the reform

"Anti-European Wind" a challenge for the European integration process, the EU vigorously reform only lead people committed to building a competitive, secure and trusted in Europe, in order to withstand the test

European integration process is facing major challenges, populist parties in the recent European Parliament elections made in the "feast" description "anti-European party" rising momentum can not be underestimated.

These parties advocate different, but are opposed to European integration, anti-immigration, questioning the economic globalization, support trade protectionism, respected national interests first. These parties had long been marginalized, but by inciting resentment against the existing EU policy to get votes, and to enter the European Parliament.

When this situation can be considered accidental. The face of economic recession, the EU is not based on national circumstances remedy, but a unified open a "tightening" prescription. Repeatedly tightening economic measures led to high <a href=>hogan milano</a> unemployment. Frustration spread rapidly in Europe. People are afraid of losing more worried about the growing number of immigrants so that "real" European harder to keep their jobs, worried about the next generation of the situation will become more difficult.

Low voter turnout also contributed to the rise of anti-European party. EU 28 member states have more than 400 million voters, but the proportion of the electorate to participate in the elections was only 43.09 percent, and in 2009 43% of the historically low turnout was essentially flat. Continued low turnout showed that: in the heart of Europeans, the EU is far from their own.

Of course, the "anti-European party" in a short time is not enough to shake the traditional pattern of the European Parliament. 751 seats in the <a href=>moncler outlet</a> European Parliament, in favor of European integration, the majority party still able to dominate decision-making of the European Parliament. However, a substantial increase in "anti-European party" seats <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> in parliament will certainly bring more noise and noise, the direction is bound to interfere with decision-making and efficiency, and will use a large platform of the European Parliament peddle extreme proposition. If the EU does not learn a lesson, timely adjustment of the existing policy direction, in the "anti-European political parties," the incitement, the EU's solidarity may gradually weaken.

For a long time, the EU high above, there is no patience to listen to public opinion, <a href=>moncler outlet</a> let 'anti-European party "to draw on the EU deeply disappointed voters. Now finally sounded the alarm, to the need to change the time. The next five years, the EU needs strong reform in three areas: between the EU and member governments were the distribution of power between labor shortages and people xenophobia coordination and deeper integration into the global economy and trade protectionism between looking balance.

More importantly, the EU must work from the center moved to implement austerity policies to expand employment and promote economic growth. The EU only serve to lead people committed to building a competitive, secure and trusted in Europe, vociferous "anti-European style" in order to be curbed. If you <a href=>piumini moncler outlet</a> still lack of action, and not let <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> people see hope of improvement, <a href=>hogan donna</a> I'm afraid, "anti-European Wind" will grab more violent. (The author is a European think tank "Friends of Europe" policy research director Shada Islam)



Russian Foreign Ministry: Iran nuclear talks revealed the possibility of lifting sanctions against Iraq

August 28 Xinhua comprehensive report, the Russian Foreign Ministry said local time on the 29th, Moscow believes that the international community and Iran's nuclear negotiator appeared the possibility to lift sanctions on the country.

"Despite <a href=>piumini moncler outlet</a> the very <a href=>hogan outlet</a> difficult process of negotiations, but have to meet Iran as the" Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, "all the conditions of membership rights, including the power to enrich uranium, as well as the lifting of the sanctions regime," <a href=>peuterey</a> the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

In addition, the Russian <a href=>peuterey outlet</a> Foreign Ministry stressed that the agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue in Geneva last fall to <a href=>piumini woolrich</a> reach a comprehensive agreement reached in <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> November opened a real prospect.

Russia also said, expressing hope that the political will of all participants to reach a final agreement acceptable to all parties, and these agreements enable the international community to fully believe Iran's nuclear program is purely peaceful <a href=>woolrich outlet</a> nature.


Kim Jong-un Putin exchanged congratulatory messages to celebrate Korea National Liberation Day

August 14, according to KCNA reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 12th to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent a congratulatory message on the Korean Liberation Day (August 15), said the celebration, he also wished Kim Jong-un healthy, happy <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> life of the Korean people.

Putin said that Russia and North Korea in the "grim war years," forged a friendship and become an <a href=>hogan outlet</a> effective basis for the development of bilateral relations. I believe that the joint efforts of the two countries, large-scale economic <a href=>woolrich outlet</a> and infrastructure plan will be implemented on the Korean Peninsula, bilateral partnerships will continue to expand. <a href=>hogan milano</a> This conforms to the fundamental interests of the peoples of <a href=>hogan spaccio</a> the DPRK and Russia, but also contribute to peace and stability in Northeast <a href=>scarpe hogan outlet</a> Asia. Putin's last wish Kim Jong-un healthy, happy life of the Korean people.

Kim Jong-un followed in the 13th to Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory <a href=>hogan italia</a> message. Mr. Kim said the DPRK-Russia friendship formed in the history and traditions of the fire and continue the War heritage, I believe that bilateral friendly and cooperative relations will be further strengthened and developed in all fields. In addition, he wished Putin greater achievements in building a prosperous Russia work.


Government of Ukraine's Independence Day parade celebrating the armed groups in eastern parading prisoners

Ukrainian Independence Day parade celebrating the 24th Independence Square in the capital Kiev. President Pietro Polo Shenke Xuan cloth, Ukrainian military spending over the next three years will increase by $ 3 billion, so that the army "rebirth." On <a href=>spaccio woolrich</a> the same day, the eastern militias also held a number of different kind of "celebration", such as allowing more than captured government soldiers parade in public.

Soldiers and equipment will go to the front line

Thousands of people watched in Ukraine Army, Navy, National Guard, Border Guard and cadets peer team followed through Independence Square. Followed by armored vehicles equipped with anti-tank weapons and missile side side team teams. Which directly went to the <a href=>peuterey</a> parade will end after some soldiers in eastern Ukraine frontline combat, military equipment will be transported to the front.

Organizers said the ceremony, a total of about 2500 black soldiers took part in the parade, including 120 who had fought in the eastern Ukrainian folk armed stronghold of Donetsk and two nearby areas Luhansk.

Other regions of Ukraine also held celebrations. Among them, 20 naval vessels <a href=>Piumini Moncler</a> in the southern port city of Odessa lined up to celebrate.

Because of the war in the eastern Ukrainian region continues, this parade of extraordinary significance. Independence Square is full of large and small throughout the Ukrainian flag, a lot of people wearing traditional clothing or wearing Ukrainian national <a href=>hogan outlet</a> flag, singing the national anthem and another person.

The crowd in the front row to watch the parade was returning from eastern battlefield government soldiers. Some of the soldiers bandaged, there are people in wheelchairs.

$ 3 billion in armed forces

Poroshenko published in the ceremony speech, vowed to win the war against the <a href=>woolrich outlet</a> militias, but announced that it would increase military spending.

Poroshenko to the presence of the crowd, said: "I believe that for Ukraine to fight, fight for independence, victory will be ours ...... in front of you, there is one group of soldiers went directly to 'anti-terrorist action' area."

He announced that Ukraine will increase 40 billion Ukraine <a href=>piumini moncler outlet</a> Hryvnia (about 3 billion U.S. dollars) in military spending over the next three years, for the purchase of fighter planes, warships and helicopters. He said that these military Ukrainian army is just the beginning, "rebirth" process.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry said government forces in 2014 military budget of $ 1.5 billion.

Armed eastern sun seized weapons

Compared with the capital Kiev to celebrate the atmosphere, the eastern stronghold of Donetsk civil armed largest city of the war continued, the guns roar.

Held a different kind <a href=>moncler sito ufficiale</a> of civil armed "celebration" in Lenin Square is located in the center of Donetsk, in order to "fight back" celebration of the Ukrainian government. Exhibit from the hands of armed government troops seized weapons and equipment in the square, including artillery and armored vehicles.

In addition, some armed men captured government soldiers also allow more than parade in public. According to Xinhua News Agency