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Johnson, John Albert (1861–1909)

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Governor John A. Johnson

Governor John A. Johnson, c.1909.

John Albert Johnson was Minnesota's first governor born in the state, its first governor to serve a full term in the current State Capitol, and its first governor to die in office, making him one of the state's most notable leaders. He also was the first Minnesota governor to bask, albeit fleetingly, in the national spotlight when he sought the 1908 Democratic presidential nomination but lost to William Jennings Bryan.

John Albert Johnson was born on July 28, 1861, in St. Peter. He was the eldest child of an impoverished Swedish family abandoned by an alcoholic father, and he left school at age thirteen to support his mother and siblings by clerking in a store. In 1887, local Democrats, impressed with the enterprising young clerk, asked him to join their party and edit the strongly Democratic St. Peter Herald. Johnson's success as a journalist attracted statewide attention and fostered his political aspirations.

Johnson married local schoolteacher Elinore (Nora) Preston on June 1, 1894. Around the same time, he began running for state office from his heavily Republican home county. After early losses, he finally was elected to the state senate in 1898, thanks to his growing bipartisan appeal.

Known as a courageous and charismatic leader, Johnson was elected the sixteenth governor of Minnesota in 1904. He was reelected in 1906 and 1908, serving as governor from January 4, 1905, to September 21, 1909.

Johnson's ability to work with legislators from both parties resulted in reform legislation such as reorganization of the state's insurance department to the benefit of policyholders, reduction of railroad passenger and freight rates, and removal of constitutional restraints on the legislature's power to tax.

Johnson began his third term as governor with reservations. His health was precarious, and he wanted to pursue a promising sideline career as a public speaker. When he died suddenly on September 21, 1909, at age forty-eight in Rochester following surgery, the state's citizens were grief-stricken. His lieutenant governor and successor, A.O. Eberhart, formed a John A. Johnson Memorial Commission in October 1909. The group commissioned and erected memorial statues of Johnson at the State Capitol and in his hometown of St. Peter.

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Turning Point

In 1904, John Albert Johnson is elected to his first term as governor of Minnesota and starts on a path to national political recognition.



John Albert Johnson is born on July 28 in St. Peter, Minnesota.


In February, local Democrats ask Johnson to edit the strongly Democratic St. Peter Herald.


Johnson marries local schoolteacher Elinore (Nora) Preston on June 1.


He is elected to the state senate, thanks to his growing bipartisan appeal.


Johnson is elected to his first of three terms as governor of Minnesota.


Johnson dies suddenly on September 21 at age forty-eight in Rochester following surgery.



Indian media: Indian Prime Minister's visit to Japan will help promote the Indian high-speed rail construction

According to India, "Times of India" reported on August 28, Indian Prime Minister Modi (Narendra Modi), will visit Japan on August 30, the two sides whether India will purchase during Japan's Shinkansen technology discussions, which will accelerate the construction of high-speed rail in India .

Reported that the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the French railway companies in the Ahmedabad - Mumbai corridor to <a href=http://www.rosadeiventihotel.it/>hogan</a> start a <a href=http://www.tabarot.fr/>nike tn</a> feasibility study (Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor) to build high-speed railway is expected that this project will invest 620 billion rupees. Ahmedabad - Mumbai <a href=http://www.terzocircolomassafra.it/>hogan online</a> corridor a total length of 534 kilometers, once the high-speed <a href=http://www.yoop.fr/>louboutin homme</a> railway is completed, the train is expected to reach 300 kilometers per <a href=http://www.eli4u.it/>louboutin prezzi</a> <a href=http://www.kpr-key.it/>scarpe hogan</a> hour.

In addition, Japan and India are co-constructed western dedicated freight <a href=http://www.brunajuniorclub.it/>scarpe nike air max</a> corridor (Western Dedicated Freight Corridor).

Indian Railways department heads Kumar (Arunendra Kumar) whether Modi refused to sign a cooperation project agreement with Japan in relation to comment, but he hinted that Modi this line will help accelerate India's high-speed rail construction. (Xuyu Xuan)


A tanker explosion in northwest Kenya, at least six people were killed

Itar - Tass news August 13, a highway in northwestern <a href=http://www.borgocastellania.it/>woolrich outlet</a> Kenya tanker explosion occurred, killing six people were killed and six others seriously wounded.

According to reports, the incident was <a href=http://www.association-acacia.fr/>louboutin homme</a> out of the highway after the tanker overturned after the explosion. The explosion killed <a href=http://www.adozoom.fr/>air jordan femme</a> <a href=http://www.rosadeiventihotel.it/>scarpe hogan outlet</a> five people were <a href=http://www.adozoom.fr/>air jordan femme</a> killed and one person died on the way to hospital. Accident also caused <a href=http://www.alilandia.it/>woolrich sito ufficiale</a> six people <a href=http://www.tabarot.fr/>tn pas cher</a> injured, while the presence of missing persons cases.

At present, the specific cause of the accident has not been determined.


Foreign media: China Dongfeng 41 missiles with multiple warheads, the United <a href=http://www.altrofratello.it/>scarpe nike air max</a> States anti-missile interceptors can not

Overseas strategic trump card is called China's most mysterious and the most deterrent "Dongfeng -41 (hereinafter referred to as the DF-41)" intercontinental ballistic missile "accident" in the "August" Army exposure.

DF-41 missile-related items to a sentence EIA report Shaanxi Province Environmental Monitoring Center Web site appears <a href=http://www.elmecc.it/>louboutin scarpe</a> to be foreign media identified as the latest evidence of the development of China's DF-41.

U.S. Department of Defense announced in June this year, "China's military and security posture Development Report" (2014 China Military Power Report) has focused attention to the development of DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missiles. Western media that the new missile can carry multiple sub-missile head, and even the U.S. missile defense system can not be intercepted.

U.S. TLDM News Network <a href=http://www.turrisimoto.it/>louboutin milano</a> had individually breakdown China and the U.S. missile bases from the major cities, concerns, said "DF-41 has the ability to hit every big city in the United States."

Chinese Defense Ministry statement said China has repeatedly advanced military weapons testing is not directed at any country and <a href=http://www.terzocircolomassafra.it/>hogan scarpe outlet</a> any specific goals. Chinese Strategic Culture Association executive vice president Luo Yuan of the "Global Times" <a href=http://www.golfannonces.fr/>nike air max pas cher</a> said the foreign media access to such information from the Internet and not credible. He stressed that the Chinese military threat <a href=http://www.altrofratello.it/>air max outlet italia</a> from engage, but we must make sure to have the capability <a href=http://www.eli4u.it/>louboutin outlet</a> of military deterrence.

<Global>Times foreign correspondent Ji Li Zhen Tao short Housing Twins Global Times reporter Yu Guofang Tian Hou Tao Chen Liu straight]


San Francisco Bay <a href=http://www.brunajuniorclub.it/>nike air max 90 outlet</a> Area earthquake <a href=http://www.idrnet.fr/>air max femme</a> occurred six no casualties reported

San Francisco, August 24 (Reporter Liu Dan) local time on <a href=http://www.convittocutelli.it/>hogan outlet</a> August 24 at <a href=http://www.rivaportuense.it/>louboutin prezzi</a> about 3:20, California, north of San Francisco Bay Area <a href=http://www.altrofratello.it/>nike air max outlet</a> earthquake occurred six epicenter American Canyon, 61 km north from San Francisco, there is <a href=http://www.abruzzomadeinitaly.it/>nike tn</a> no casualties and property damage reports.

Reporters at about 80 km south of the epicenter, was awakened by violent shaking the house, accompanied by the rustling sound when the house shaking, which lasted about ten seconds.

Site News Agency said the United States Geological Survey, the <a href=http://www.cceafpa.fr/>louboutin pas cher</a> focal depth of 10.8 km, the nearest city, including nine kilometers outside the Napa wine country. (End)


Asia-Pacific military nursing exchanges held next month 12 national experts gathered in Korea

August 29, according to Yonhap news agency, located in Daejeon, South Korea's national army nursing school on the 29th <a href=http://www.gardadolomiti.it/>nike tn italia </a> sergeant said, will hold the "Eighth Asia-Pacific military nursing exchange" in the field on the 1st to the 5th of next month, will be from 12 countries and 240 experts.

According to reports, "The 8th Asia-Pacific military nursing exchange" (Asia Pacific Military Nursing Exchange) will have a nursing officers from 12 countries, the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and the Asia Pacific region, disaster care specialists, clinical work personnel 240 experts.

Reported that the ROK military nursing schools, said non-commissioned officers, prevent and respond to disasters around the world has become a common problem <a href=http://www.brunajuniorclub.it/>nike air max 90 outlet</a> faced by the exchange will focus on the subject, and simulation training. School principal stressed by this exchange, participants will be able to share <a href=http://www.tabarot.fr/>nike tn requin</a> and exchange the Asia-Pacific region disaster nursing experience and information, and <a href=http://www.hoergutzu.it/>nike tn prezzo</a> to develop a substantive disaster nursing training program.

It is reported that the last day of the national <a href=http://www.association-acacia.fr/>louboutin pas cher</a> army sergeant nursing school will hold a "military disaster education center security," the opening ceremony at the exchange. The <a href=http://www.marccusalliance.it/>scarpe nike tn </a> center will provide disaster experts <a href=http://www.tabarot.fr/>nike tn requin</a> and the general public to provide training services, training includes crisis situations occur when a large number of countries, the classification of patients, trauma patients management, disaster psychology and education.


Greek forest fires grim France dispatched aircraft to the rescue

According to the French "Liberation" August 26, AFP reported citing the Greek forest fire situation is grim in some areas, once the temperature reaches 43 ° C. To help extinguish the fire, France sent three aircraft to the Greek support.

French Minister of the Interior said that France local time on August 26 sent two Bombardier to Greece and a Beechcraft reconnaissance aircraft <a href=http://www.golfannonces.fr/>air max pas cher femme</a> fire fighting, rescue personnel to help extinguish forest fires in Greece. French Interior Ministry said in a statement that the current, two air bases Marignane fire Bombardier aircraft, a Beechcraft reconnaissance aircraft and experienced personnel have been dispatched.

Reported that the Greek forest fires have <a href=http://www.isaingegneria.it/>hogan outlet online</a> continued to burn for two days, France and Greece in response to the request of the European Union called <a href=http://www.alilandia.it/>woolrich sito ufficiale</a> for <a href=http://www.kpr-key.it/>hogan</a> an emergency response coordination center (ERCC) traveled to Greece support. It is the second time this summer, the French sent firefighting aircraft Bombardier to other European countries. Early August, the French had dispatched two aircraft in Sweden in order to help the country's modern history <a href=http://www.turrisimoto.it/>louboutin milano</a> of Sweden extinguish the worst forest fires.

It is reported that, in the Peloponnese in southern Greece, <a href=http://www.cst-net.it/>scarpe gucci</a> the fire has been burning continuously for two days, destroyed olive plantations and pastures. In the mountainous region of <a href=http://www.brunochiarini.it/>moncler outlet</a> northern Greece Kalambaka also occurred along with another fire, the fire burned more than 1000 hectares of land.

Reported that, due to the effects of fire, Greece recently rising temperatures. August 23 to 24, the temperature region in southern Greece even reach 43 ° C.


President of <a href=http://www.turrisimoto.it/>scarpe louboutin </a> the General Association of Korean in Japan planned September visit to the DPRK or to meet with Kim Jong-un

August 22, according to Japan's Kyodo News reported that Japan-DPRK relations to disclose sources on <a href=http://www.ristoranteacquaevino.it/>scarpe hogan outlet shop</a> the 21st, the date of the General Association of Korean (DPRK General Association) Chairman <a href=http://www.frisbeebike.it/>scarpe louboutin</a> Xu Zong Wan plans to visit North Korea in early September, is currently making preparations. The total number of North Korean cadres linked to the DPRK will be accompanied by Xu Zong Wan, a line may meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

It is reported that Xu Zong Wan last visit to the DPRK was 8 years ago. About the future of Japan-DPRK negotiations, met with Kim Jong-un is possible to fight the Japanese Xu Zong Wan further lifting of economic sanctions and the General Association of Korean central headquarters building was auctioned problem that attitude.

The Japanese government in 2006 banned the Korean General Association cadre re-entry <a href=http://www.gditrani.it/>piumini moncler outlet</a> after the visit to the DPRK in principle. July of this year, North Korea was established as a kidnap victim returns to re-investigate the case of the Special <a href=http://www.ristoranteacquaevino.it/>scarpe hogan outlet</a> Investigation Commission, the Japanese <a href=http://www.ciclimagnum.it/>scarpe gucci</a> government lifted the ban.

Relevant sources, such as Xu Zong Wan apply to the Ministry of Justice re-entry after a visit to the DPRK, has recently been approved. His party plans to stay in North Korea for several weeks, and consider participating September 9 DPRK National Day celebrations.

Japan after the partial lifting of sanctions against the DPRK, the former <a href=http://www.espritnaturemateriaux.fr/>louboutin homme</a> vice chairman of the General Association of Korean high de plume in late July went to North Korea. August 21, in the village of Japan Tottori County mayor wins rule on the Korean port city of northeastern port facilities were studied.


California Department of earthquake caused 170 people were injured strongest earthquake in 25 years

August 26, according to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" reported on the 26th, six northern California earthquake occurred in San Francisco Bay Area, is a 25-year invasion of the most powerful earthquake in the region. The earthquake caused 170 people were injured, three of them seriously. California Governor Brown announced that the local state of emergency.

Earthquake occurred at local time at 3:20 on the 24th, the epicenter was located about 60 kilometers from northeast of San Francisco <a href=http://www.association-acacia.fr/>chaussures louboutin</a> Napa wine country town <a href=http://www.amstaff.fr/>nike tn pas cher</a> "American Canyon", most of the San Francisco Bay area residents were awakened from a dream.

United States Geological Survey said it was the most powerful earthquake in 1989 (Loma Prieta) earthquake in the region occurred 6.9 years, the San Francisco Bay Area occurred. As far as San Francisco, Sacramento and Santa Cruz have felt the shock.

Earthquake experts estimate that will happen next week, several local strength up to five aftershocks.

Napa City officials <a href=http://www.hoergutzu.it/>nike tn prezzo</a> said three people were seriously injured in the earthquake, including a child due to the collapse of the fireplace was pressed, causing the body multiple fractures, authorities took him to the hospital by helicopter for treatment. In addition, the Napa <a href=http://www.concorde-lafayette.it/>air max online </a> hospital said they treated more than 170 minor injuries.

Napa Valley is a Garden of Eden in the usual resorts like its wine and fine diet known, but so many places where the earthquake into a mess, full of glass and bricks falling collapse.

The quake triggered a fire six games, including a fire burned down six mobile homes.

Napa at least 33 buildings were declared a dangerous building, which includes the old courthouse, library and post office, etc. historic buildings. Police at the scene pulled the <a href=http://www.imprimerie168.fr/>air jordan</a> yellow forbidden line, to remind people not close.

Earthquake also caused power outages to about 70,000, about 100 from a gas leak, 60 pipe burst. To a Sunday evening, the local is still a thousand people no current supply, the air <a href=http://www.amstaff.fr/>tn requin pas cher</a> in some areas of the city filled with gas smell, about 600 are still without water.

City officials said the city needs about one week's time to resume normal operation.

Since the earthquake on the 24th of 1989, the highest in the region occurred magnitude earthquake, but seismologists said, if compared with the 1906 San Francisco earthquake of 7.8, the earthquake or some trivial.

Stein USGS study, said: "1906 is about 500 times that earthquakes stronger than this." However, he said the quake was strongly <a href=http://www.gditrani.it/>piumini moncler outlet</a> felt brought to Napa surrounding areas, "its strength is very focus on. " He also said that if a higher or more fragile buildings here, "this level of vibration will have a very big impact."


Kan Yi Wei vacation excuse practice called Abe relief when there is <a href=http://www.golems.fr/>chaussures louboutin</a> no problem

August 25 Xinhua comprehensive Japanese media, Japanese Prime <a href=http://www.adozoom.fr/>air jordan femme</a> Minister Shinzo Abe on leave due to return to the villa in the debris flow disaster relief work in Hiroshima been opposition accusations. In this regard, Japan's chief cabinet secretary, Kan Yi Wei on the 25th position, said at a press conference, "the prime minister's approach is no problem." Abe and said rescue work was in full swing.

On the 20th of this month, massive mudslides in Hiroshima, Japan landslide disasters. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe day early convalescence in Yamanashi Fujikawaguchiko and former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, the economy and other industry filled with Motegi sensitive playing golf together.

For Abe has <a href=http://www.altrofratello.it/>nike air max outlet</a> not ended in disaster relief activities, they return Yamanashi name Sawamura villa continue convalescence issue, Democratic Party leader Kaieda and other opposition parties criticized successive top 21, saying this "shocking."

In this regard, Kan Yi Wei at a press conference that <a href=http://www.ciclimagnum.it/>gucci outlet</a> "the Prime Minister for Disaster Management, with direct instructions Keiji Furuya before returning <a href=http://www.terzocircolomassafra.it/>hogan italia</a> to adequately respond resort, and always pay attention to the disaster. Government-owned organizations are actively deal <a href=http://www.golems.fr/>louboutin soldes</a> with" <a href=http://www.hoergutzu.it/>nike tn prezzo</a> and should not have been accusations.

Abe visited Hiroshima at the time of the 25th also to the media, said: "including the response to the first time included, is doing its best, united against this disaster to carry out relief and rehabilitation work."


Korean Ministry of Defense announced the death of battered soldiers called tracheal blockage caused by suffocation

August 8, according to Yonhap <a href=http://www.espritnaturemateriaux.fr/>louboutin soldes</a> reported that South Korea recruits Yinmou a collective abuse by five veterans a month after the death. South Korean Defense Science Park Xing Zhi, director of the Institute searched at a press conference on the 8th, the direct cause of death was tracheal blockage caused Yinmou asphyxia, cerebral concussion is not part of the proposed public opinion.

Korea Institute of search is the Department of Defense National Defense Science and Investigation Division of the subordinate body responsible Yinmou autopsy work. Pu Xing Zhi said some media presented Yoon's death because of concussion, but generally speaking, a concussion is difficult to become a direct cause of death, the survey found, surnamed Yin caused by airway blockage was beaten and eventually died.

The Institute is also concerned parties on the possibility of Yinmou died due to cerebral concussion, said the shock of death due to a concussion, then there will be symptoms of cerebral hemorrhage, and Yinmou not have these symptoms. The source also said that Yinmou head <a href=http://www.rosadeiventihotel.it/>hogan outlet</a> congestion occurs between the skull and scalp, not cerebral hemorrhage. He pointed out that Yoon should be the first to be beaten, eventually leading to tracheal blockage death, if the case has not been beaten, then tracheal blockage does not occur.

In addition, the South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok has denied claims the day before Yinmou Korea civil rights groups raised in the prior died in hospital, he said, April 6 Yinmou beaten <a href=http://www.cceafpa.fr/>chaussures louboutin</a> and unconscious in force after acceptance the aid measures, after being rushed to hospital health care Yeoncheon County, surnamed Yin was really no pulse and breathing, which is called ventricular standstill in medicine, rather than death. Kim Min-seok also said, surnamed Yin arrived at the hospital <a href=http://www.isaingegneria.it/>scarpe hogan</a> after first aid by doctors to restore breathing and pulse, followed in at 17:40 <a href=http://www.yoop.fr/>louboutin soldes</a> on April 6 was taken to the military hospital Yang states, was also breathing and pulse, followed by Notre Dame rushed to hospital for emergency Uijeongbu, but finally at 16:25 on April 7 killed.

April 6 this year in South Korea Gyeonggi Yeoncheon Army soldier serving Yinmou (21 years old) was five superiors and comrades beaten cause food blockage trachea, died the next day due to the death. According to the survey, surnamed Yin army last December, February 18 was assigned to the Army 28 division artillery brigade Yeoncheon medical classes, two weeks after the end of <a href=http://www.decoration-3d.fr/>louboutin soldes</a> the adaptation period from March 3 almost every other veterans have suffered abuse. Korea civil rights groups' military Human Rights Center "on the 7th that the direct cause of death Yinmou is <a href=http://www.brunochiarini.it/>moncler outlet</a> being beaten, and were taken to hospital before or had died, but the South Korean Defense Ministry quickly refuted this argument, emphasizing Yinmou in delivery After the hospital had to restore breathing and pulse.


Thai commercial surrogacy behind: the temptation interests intertwined with the moral dilemma

August 28, according to the United States, "New York Times" reported on the 28th, Thailand is one of the few countries to allow commercial surrogacy several local poor people to earn money by providing surrogacy services. But surrogacy recent scandals and legal problems are also caused controversy again. Critics say, driven by interests, Thailand is to become "Asia's womb."

Reported that commercial surrogacy at least 10 years of history in Thailand. Currently, only a few countries allow commercial surrogacy, Thailand is one of the two Asian countries, this approach allows, and therefore become the main choice <a href=http://www.internationalartconsultants.fr/>nike tn requin</a> of those Asian countries prohibit surrogacy couples.

Officials estimate that there will be hundreds of surrogacy cases per year, not including foreign surrogacy.

But two recent scandals make this basic <a href=http://www.association-acacia.fr/>louboutin pas cher</a> unregulated industry has become the focus of these scandals highlight some ethical issues, and prompted the government to suppress.

In late July, the Thai news media reported that one pair of Australian money to make a couple of female surrogate gave birth to twins, but they are only one of the children to take home, leaving the children with Down syndrome. Surrogate mother's request for assistance to some extent sparked nationwide protests continued, the boys father's remarks further exacerbated discontent, these remarks were seen as extremely unforgiving.

The father David • Faneuil said he would prefer to stop the pregnancy was pregnant. He said, "I think any parent not want a handicapped son."

He also said that he and his wife requirements Bangkok intermediaries, "the money back to us."

Australian news media to find court records show that he received 22 allegations of sexual abuse of children in <a href=http://www.italiavola.it/>nike air max outlet</a> <a href=http://www.altrofratello.it/>nike air max outlet</a> the 1990s after being convicted of imprisonment, the media and therefore questioned whether he was fit to be a father.

In addition, police recently raided the Bangkok surrogacy clinic, during which found a Japanese man by approximately 12 to become a surrogate baby's father. International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) said last week, has begun to investigate this Japanese man's motives and background.

Reported that commentators complained that Thailand once known for prostitution, and now as a television presenter said, become "Asia's womb."

Other <a href=http://www.hoergutzu.it/>nike tn</a> person, wealthy couples surrogacy is more developed countries use poverty, disadvantaged women's behavior. "This is a symbol of moral depravity," Pakistan Valley Georgia public health department heads leather Ode • Weng Romney said. "Money is a symbol of the supremacy of the people respected."

Police investigation and the forthcoming law led some foreign couples doubt whether they will get a baby through a surrogate home. Australia has asked the relevant government agencies in <a href=http://www.hotelgalaxy.it/>Piumini Moncler</a> Thailand before the junta banned commercial surrogacy law takes effect, allowing the "transitional arrangements."

Thailand's military government then vowed to require its rubber-stamp parliament to quickly pass laws, the regulations still allow surrogacy, but not paid. Surrogacy Surrogacy agency <a href=http://www.idrnet.fr/>nike air max pas cher</a> and provide services ads will be banned.

Thailand's military government has not publicly explained his decision, but senior judges of the Supreme Court Xiemu Bang • Shaligubu expressed the need for a ban to prevent the exploitation of Thailand being a surrogate mother.


British officials said should be a complete ban on doing scientific experiments with live animals

August 1, according to British media reports, the British government officials said, it should be a complete ban on laboratory research and experiments with live animals.

Norman Baker, the British Liberal Democratic Party Members in charge of research and animal experiments regulatory affairs. He said it requires long-term efforts, but stressed that the government is trying to correct direction.

British Conservative - [url=http://www.cceafpa.fr/]louboutin femme[/url] Liberal Democratic coalition government is committed to reducing the use of animals in scientific experiments, but animal rights groups have accused the government reneged.

Baker said he is trying to convince the relevant industry knowledge to stop the [url=http://www.internationalartconsultants.fr/]tn requin pas cher[/url] use of animals in scientific experiments [url=http://www.openmediacluster.it/]borse gucci[/url] in economic benefits. He also encouraged the industry proposed alternatives animal experiments.

The scientific community believes that use live animals to do research for [url=http://www.hotelcavourmilano.it/]air max italia[/url] understanding the disease, it is essential to develop new vaccines and also explore new methods of treatment of various incurable important joints, such as cancer, Parkinson's disease, AIDS and asthma.

Animal rights activists [url=http://www.rivaportuense.it/]scarpe louboutin [/url] believe that this experiment both cruel and pointless, as it has other ways to [url=http://www.dora-vda.it/]woolrich prezzi[/url] achieve the same results.

Baker promised to push legislation before the next general election, for the public to obtain information on laboratory experiments using live animals to create the conditions. At present, British law protecting the privacy of researchers [url=http://www.itcgmarchetti.it/]moncler milano[/url] and research institutions subject.

Official statistics show that during the 1995-2013 year, an increase of 52% in the UK to experiment with the number of live animals.


US CDC: Ebola is not terrible but not a large outbreak in the United States

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; People in Chicago August 10 - U.S. Centers for Disease Control on the 10th that the Ebola virus is raging in Africa though menacing, but "not terrible." This year's Ebola outbreak has killed nearly 1,000 people dead, World Health Organization will therefore be characterized as the West African Ebola epidemic international emergencies.

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; according to data provided by the United States Centers [url=http://www.borgocastellania.it/]woolrich sito ufficiale[/url] for Disease terror, AIDS caused more than 100 people were killed each year in Africa. Pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea and even hundreds of thousands of Africans also claimed the life of a year. For Americans, heart disease and cancer is their number one killer, zero chance of ordinary people infected with Ebola.

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; United States Centers for Disease Control, said people who really care about their health should first go to a flu shot in the fall, after all, there will be an annual average of 24,000 Americans die from influenza and its complications. Even so, in the face of "no cure, the mortality rate over 50%" of the Ebola virus, we do something about it?

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [url=http://www.hoergutzu.it/]nike tn prezzo[/url] First, Ebola virus does not spread through the air, as long as healthy people not in contact with body fluids or transporting the patient or the patient remains the case in the absence of protective measures would not be infected. In addition, the patient appeared in high fever, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms before (incubation period of up to 21 days), Ebola virus infection is not contagious.

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; secondly, on the plane and [url=http://www.gardadolomiti.it/]nike tn italia [/url] subway and other transportation tools and Ebola virus [url=http://www.une4lpourlentraid.fr/]air max pas cher femme[/url] infection "normal contact" will not be infected. Meanwhile, [url=http://www.ruggerodj.it/]hogan donna[/url] the United States and other developed countries, health professionals have mastered effective measures against virus infection were isolated. As long as all close contacts of infected persons and strict isolation, the spread of the Ebola virus will soon be suppressed.

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; United States Centers for Disease Control believes that Ebola is not a major outbreak in the United States. Although the mortality rate is much lower other infectious diseases, but [url=http://www.convittocutelli.it/]hogan scarpe[/url] because of the large [url=http://www.hoergutzu.it/]nike tn italia [/url] number of infections, so patients they cause a huge amount of hope. At the same time, countries put too few resources to control Ebola, also contributed to the cause of this disease panic. (Gao Yi Jun)

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Author: Gao Yi Jun