Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant

Authorized in 1941, the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP) contributed to United States military efforts for more than fifty years. Economic and environmental impacts extended beyond the New Brighton/Arden Hills site into the greater Twin Cities area.

Karst Topography in Fillmore County

Southeast Minnesota boasts a unique geological landscape of rolling hills, fertile fields, dramatic bluffs, and freshwater streams. Beneath its lush surface is a hidden world of underground caves and rivers created after thousands of years of rain and snow seeped through fractured bedrock, slowly softening and dissolving sedimentary rock.

Niagara Cave

Since its opening as a tourist attraction in 1934, Niagara Cave near Harmony has welcomed thousands of visitors from around the world into its inspiring environment. The unique underground space is filled with distinctive rock architecture and naturally carved pathways created by freshwater underground streams.

Macalester College

Founded in 1874, Macalester College began as a Presbyterian college with few resources and only six students. The private liberal arts college became known for its rigorous academics and commitment to internationalism, multiculturalism, and service to society.

City of Harmony

The City of Harmony traces its origins to an 1854 Norwegian settlement called Greenfield Prairie, just outside the town’s current southern edge. Its creation, population growth, and lasting economic vitality were made possible by the arrival of the Caledonia, Mississippi and Western Railway in 1879.


Drivers may easily miss Henrytown, a rural hamlet five miles north of Canton, as they speed through it on Fillmore County Highway 21. In 2018, not much exists to indicate it was once a town populated by hardworking immigrants who dreamed of building a thriving and long-lasting community.

Selvig Park

In 1923, the City of Harmony created a central park amid a national urban planning movement focused on adding outdoor spaces to cities. The park quickly became a venue for a variety of summer events as well as a community gathering spot.

Harmony Opera House

Built in 1909, the Harmony Opera House was used for a wide range of activities. It provided a venue for dances, high school graduation ceremonies, political debates, local organization gatherings, and music and theatre performances. In 2018, it is an Old Legion Hall event-rental facility.

St. Olaf College

St. Olaf College is a private liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota. It was founded by Norwegian Lutherans in 1874 and continues to thrive as a top-ranking school.

Fillmore County Poor Farm

The Fillmore County Poor Farm, outside the small village of Henrytown, was part of a statewide initiative in the late 1800s to provide housing for poor and elderly people. At its start in 1868 it was considered one of the best of Minnesota’s county poor farms, but it eventually fell victim to a lack of funds and resources.


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