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Today's Date: January 22

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Morton S. Wilkinson is born in New York State. He would move to Stillwater in 1847, become Minnesota's first practicing attorney, and serve in Congress as a senator (1859-65) and a representative (1869-71). He died in 1894.


Five Benedictine monks obtain a charter to establish St. John's Seminary in Collegeville. The seminary evolves into St. John's University, the oldest Catholic institution of higher learning in the state.


An out-of-control car careens over the side of St. Paul's High Bridge, lands upside-down on a row of telephone wires, rebounds into the air, and lands on its four wheels. Amazingly, no injuries are reported in the seventy-five-foot fall.


During the era of rock 'n' roll, KSJR (St. John's Radio) begins broadcasting from St. John's University in Collegeville as a station devoted to classical music and the fine arts. KSJR would develop into Minnesota Public Radio, one of the largest and most successful public radio systems in the country.