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Today's Date: March 23

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Henry A. Swift is born in Ravenna, Ohio. He would serve as governor for six months during the Civil War, succeeding Alexander Ramsey, who left office for the U.S. Senate. Swift died on February 25, 1869, in St. Peter.


Convicted of poisoning her husband, Stanislaus, Ann Bilansky is executed in St. Paul. Bilansky would be the only woman and the first white person to be legally executed in the state, although serious doubts about her guilt still persist.


Minnesota is among the first states to ratify the twenty-sixth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gives U.S. citizens eighteen years of age or older the right to vote in local, state, and national elections. Both Minnesota and Delaware claim to be the initial actor on this important issue, although one Minnesota legislator who voted against ratifying calls his state's role a "dubious pleasure." Ratification by the necessary number of states would be completed later in the year.


The University of Minnesota Gophers wrestling team win their second consecutive National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) National Championship.