Photograph of marchers on a St. Paul street under a Farmers' Holiday sign

Farmers Holiday Association marching from Capitol to demand relief.

Farmers Holiday Association marching from Capitol to demand relief, March 22, 1933. Photograph by the St. Paul Daily News.

Photograph of John B. Bosch

John B. Bosch

John B. Bosch, leader of the Farmers' Holiday Association in Minnesota, c.1915.

Grant County farmers among the marchers to the State Capitol.

Grant County Farmer's Holiday Association among the marchers to the State Capitol, 1935. Photograph by George E. Luxton.

Farmers' Holiday Association in Minnesota

The Farmers' Holiday Association was formed in 1932. The Midwestern organization successfully fought against farm foreclosures with novel strategies like penny auctions, but unsuccessfully lobbied Congress for a federal system that would pay farmers for their crops based on the cost of production.

MN Valley Floodway

MN Valley Floodway

An aerial shot of the MN Valley Refuge site, showing a floodplain view.

Gehl-Mittelsted Farmstead

Gehl-Mittelsted Farmstead

Front and side views of the Gehl-Mittelsted Farmhouse as it is in the twenty-first century. Rights held by the CCHS.

Gehl-Mittelsted Farm

The Gehl-Mittelsted Farmstead is located in the far southern part of Carver County, in San Francisco Township. One of Carver County's many historic properties, the farmstead was placed on Minnesota's Ten Most Endangered Historic Sites list in 2006.

Carver County Fair Entrance, 1913

Carver County Fair Entrance

Fair visitors entering the second annual fair held on the Waconia fairgrounds, 1913. This is the original entrance to the fair, changed in the 1930s through Works Progress Administration work..

Carver County Fairgrounds

Carver County Fairgrounds

Fairgrounds in Waconia, c.1950. Shows the back of the grandstand in the bottom left of the image. Cars and buses are seen in the middle of the photo.

Carver County Fair Entrance, 1912

Carver County Fair Entrance

The original entrance to the Carver County Fair in Waconia, c.1912.


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