St. Olaf Christmas Festival

The St. Olaf Christmas Festival is an annual music celebration that began in 1912 and has been performed regularly since then by St. Olaf College students. Widely broadcast and telecast, it is regarded as one of the premier choral events in the world.

Watercolor of the Grand Marais Lighthouse.

Untitled (Grand Marais Lighthouse)

Watercolor of the Grand Marais Lighthouse by Mike Lynch,1984. Lynch was involved with the Grand Marais Art Colony.

Black and white drawing of logs in the water, with a boat and a lighthouse in the background.

Tug with tow of logs, Grand Marais

Drawing by Keith Havens, of logs on the water in Grand Marais, 1950-59. Havens was both a student and a teacher at the Grand Marais Art Colony.

Painting of rocks along the shore of Lake Superior, with the lake visible in the background.

Lake Superior

Painting by Birney Quick of the Lake Superior Shoreline, 1956.

Birney Quick painting a landscape out in nature, along the shore of a lake, with pine trees in the background.

Birney Quick painting scenic view

Birney Quick painting scenic view, c. 1965

Black and white photograph of Birney Quick painting an image of a young man sitting on a chair in front of him.

Birney Quick doing a demonstration at Grand Marais High School

Birney Quick doing a painting demonstration at Grand Marais High School, c.1953.

Grand Marais Art Colony

Opened in 1947, the Grand Marais Art Colony has been the longest lived art colony in Minnesota. It began as an eight-week summer course but became a year-round art colony that unites the natural beauty of the North Shore with Minnesota's vibrant artistic community.

Construction II

Construction II

1940 Charles Biederman sculpture. Painted wood and metal rods; 62½ x 48¾ x 10¾ in.

Work No. 27, Red Wing

Work No. 27, Red Wing

Charles Biederman sculpture from 1968-69. Sculpture, Painted Aluminum construction; size: 41¼ x 29¼ 9 in.

Relief, New York, 1936

Relief, New York, 1936

Charles Biederman sculpture from 1936. Enamel on wood; size: 45¾ x 10 in.


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