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Minneapolis, Minnesota

View of Minneapolis from An Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Minnesota, 1874.

Bobbin lace pillow with bobbins and paper patterns

Bobbin lace making pillow and paper patterns. Wood base padded with natural fiber stuffing and coved with tan cotton fabric. Paper lace pattern pinned to pillow with metal pins with lace in progress. Ten wood bobbins hang from work, wound with linen thread.

photograph of a lace doily featuring a tipi motif

Bobbin lace doily with teepee motif

Tape lace linen doily; square with tape work in teepee motif at center, joined by braids decorated with picots. Doily includes woven spider fillings and tape lace border.

photograph of a Battenberg lace table cover

Battenberg lace table cover

Battenberg lace linen table cover. Circular net center with Battenberg lace edging. Tape work is joined with needle made spiders and eyelets with needle made buttonhole stitch and mesh fillings. Made at the lace school of the Bishop Whipple Mission, Morton, MN.

photograph of lace makers and their lace

Lace makers at Morton

Lace makers at Morton.

photograph of a young woman displaying bobbin lace

Janette (Jeannette) Crooks displaying Battenberg lace piece

Janette (Jeannette) Crooks displaying Battenberg lace piece, c. 1900.

photograph of a round lace doily

Dakota round lace doily

Lace doily made by Dakota women at Birch Coulee Mission, possibly as a result of the lace-making school, c.1890–1920.

Photograph of four lace makers at the Redwood Mission in Morton, Minnesota

Lace Makers at the Redwood Mission, Morton

Lace Makers at the Redwood Mission, Morton, 1897.

photograph of lace makers working outdoors at the Leech Lake Reservation

Lace makers at Leech Lake

Lace makers at Leech Lake, 1906.

Portrait photograph of Sybil Carter

Sybil Carter

Sybil Carter, c.1890.


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