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Bongards Aerial View

Bongards Aerial View

An aerial view of Bongards' Creamery located in Carver County, Minnesota.
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Bongards' Creameries

Bongards' Creameries

Long single story building with two story building in the background. Right edge has smokestack also one in center of image. Cars visible around two story building. Far left edge has two more single story buildings. Foreground is a field.
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Bongards' Creameries

Bongards' Creameries began as a small local creamery, helping farmers to process their milk. Since its beginning in 1908, it has grown to include satellite factories in Perham and Humboldt, Tennessee. It has also increased its range of products to include cheese and whey. In the twenty-first century, Bongards' Creameries is among the largest cheese-making plants in the world.

photograph of the commemorative 2 billionth roll of Scotch brand tape

Commemorative two billionth roll of Scotch brand tape

Roll of 3M Scotch brand tape made to commemorate the production of the two billionth roll of that product, 1957.

photograph of a red plaid scotch tape container

Scotch Tape container

Round steel container with red plaid decoration on removable lid for '1 ROLL/...SCOTCH/BRAND/Cellophane Tape/...', made by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, St. Paul, Minnesota,1953–1963.

photograph of a plastic wrapped container of Scotch household tape

3M plastic household tape

Cellophane-wrapped paper package containing red 'SCOTCH/BRAND/Plastic Tape', by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1943–1963.

photograph of a scotch tape dispenser, circa 1960

Scotch Brand transparent tape

Roll of 3M Scotch brand transparent tape, c.1960.

Scotch Tape

When 3M began doing business in 1902, it made sandpaper. Soon the sandpaper company invented a line of products that changed household life around the world. 3M's Scotch brand masking tape and cellophane tape were small inventions that started a consumer revolution.

a pair of display briefs used to advertise Munsingwear's underwear

Munsingwear display briefs

Light yellow women's brief-style underpants with a self-lined crotch, cuffs at leg openings, and an elastic waistband, 1960. Intended for display only and not to be sold or worn by a person.


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