1897 Munsingwear advertising image showing a young girl wearing Munsingwear long underwear.

Munsingwear Advertisement from Ladies' Home Journal

Munsingwear Advertisement from Ladies' Home Journal, 1897.

MN90: Itchless Underwear

MN90: Minnesota History in 90 Seconds

Minneapolis-based Munsingwear cornered the union suit market in the early 1900s and went on to become the largest underwear company in the world. MN90 producer Marisa Helms tells us that Munsingwear’s rise to under garment dominance all started with the invention of “itchless wool,” a revolution in its time.

advertising image of father and children wearing Munsingwear long underwear

Munsingwear Advertisement

Munsingwear Advertisement, c.1919. Munsingwear, Inc. Corporate Records, 1887-1995. Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul


When George D. Munsing came to Minnesota in 1886 to produce a new line of woolen union suits, he founded an underwear empire. While selling everything from long johns to girdles, the Minnesota company urged generations of consumers, "don't say Underwear, say Munsingwear."

Klein Brickyard workers c.1910

Klein Brickyard workers

Top Row- August Buschkowsky, August Boldt, Bottom- Wm. "Bill" Griep, Herman Tiedeman, Rudolph Schoen, _______ Neubert, unknown, unknown, c.1910.

Chaska Brickyards

Chaska Brickyards

Brickyard factory in Chaska, c.1913.

Chaska Brick Industry, 1857–1950

The Chaska brick industry flourished from 1857 until 1950. First called "Chaska brick" in an 1894 Chaska Herald article, this distinctive brick is known for its unique "creamy" color, high clay content, and quality. Chaska brick remains closely tied to the history of the city it came from.

Sean Kershaw

Sean Kershaw

Sean Kershaw is the current Citizens League executive director and has held the office since 2003

Ted Kolderie

Ted Kolderie

Ted Kolderie, Citizens League executive director from 1967 to 1980

Art Rolnick, Steve Seel, and Rep. Carlos Mariani at a Policy and a Pint session.

Art Rolnick, Steve Seel, and Rep. Carlos Mariani at a Policy and a Pint session.

Art Rolnick, co-director of the Human Capital Research Collaborative at the University of Minnesota and a senior fellow at the Humphrey Institute, left, joins host Steve Seel of The Current and Rep. Carlos Mariani, DFL-St. Paul, at a Policy and a Pint session Monday, July 23, 2012 at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis to talk about student debt.


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