photograph of clay miners in a clay pit

Clay miners at Claybank

Miners at a Claybank pit near Goodhue fill steam-shovel buckets with clay, c.1910.

Photograph of a group of factory employees

Red Wing sewer pipe workers

Red Wing Sewer Pipe factory employees with some of their wares stacked and ready for shipment, c.1910.

photograph of clay miners

Clay diggers

Miners pose next to a rural Goodhue County clay pit, c.1905.

photograph showing clay sewer pipe sections next to a boxcar

Clay pipe train

Workers load sewer pipe into boxcars near the West Main Street location of the Red Wing Sewer Pipe Factory, c.1900.

Goodhue County's Clay Industries

Clay provided the basis for thousands of jobs in Goodhue County during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Stoneware, roof tiles, and clay pipes were all produced by area firms and widely sold.

Christian Klein

Christian Klein

Black and white photograph of Charles Klein.

Charles Klein

Charles H. Klein

Photograph of Charles Klein, seated.

Charles Klein

Photograph of Charles Klein in the late 1950s or early 1960s, not long before his death.


KleinBank is the largest family-owned state bank in Minnesota, with assets worth over $1.4 billion in 2012. There are nineteen locations throughout Minnesota, including Buffalo, Chanhassen, Cologne, Coon Rapids, Maple Grove, Norwood Young America, Otsego, St. Bonifacius, and Victoria.

Dormitory at Coney Island Hotel

Dormitory at Coney Island Hotel

This image shows the second hotel building, which later became the boarding house, or dormitory, for hotel staff.
Rights held by the CCHS.


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