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Coon Rapids Hydroelectric Dam

Between 1913 and 1914 the Coon Rapids hydroelectric dam was constructed with the intent to provide power to Anoka County. The dam was shut down in 1966 after becoming too expensive to operate. It later became part of Minnesota’s environmental control program.

Sandy Lake Dam near McGregor, Aitkin County.

Sandy Lake Dam near McGregor, Aitkin County.

Sandy Lake dam in the mid-20th century

Franklin Cook, Minneapolis.

Franklin Cook, Minneapolis

Franklin Cook, c.1880.

Log house, White Earth Reservation.

Log house, White Earth Reservation

A house at White Earth Reservation, c.1900.

Pine River Dam, Cass County.

Pine River Dam, Cass County

Pine river dam following renovations, 1906.

Pokegama Falls

Pokegama Falls.

Pokegama falls, 1895. Eleven years after the original dam's completion.

Winnibigoshish Dam.

Winnibigoshish Dam

Lake Winnibigoshish dam after the first round of renovations, 1904.

The Mississippi River Reservoir Dam System

The Headwaters Dams were built between 1881 and 1912 in the Mississippi headwaters. The dams served to regulate river flow and assist navigation until 1938, when they were relegated to a flood control role.

Leech Lake Dam, Cass County.

Leech Lake Dam, Cass County.

Leech Lake Dam, 1902–1909.

Lake Winnibigoshish Dam construction.

Lake Winnibigoshish Dam construction.

Renovations at Lake Winnibigoshish 1898–1899.


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