Postcard photo of Danebod Folk School and stone hall

Danebod College, Tyler

Folk School building and Stone Hall building, Danebod campus, c.1910.

Photograph collage of early pictures of Danebod. Includes church, folk school, stone hall, gym and first pastor H.J. Pedersen.

Danebod, Tyler

Group of photos of Danebod buildings and first pastor H. J. Pedersen, c.1890.

Photograph of first folk school building at Danebod

Dormitory, Danebod College, Tyler

First Folk School building, c.1900.

Photograph of first Danebod Folk School

Danebod, Tyler

First Folk School building, c.1900.

Photograph of Danebod complex, c.1890

Danebod, Tyler

Danebod, c.1890

Photograph of Danebod Lutheran Church

Danebod Lutheran Church, Tyler.

Danebod Lutheran Church, c.1950.


Part of a Danish settlement near Tyler, the Danebod church and folk school have been a center of Danish American life for over a century. Danebod is a Danish word meaning "one who mends or saves the Danes." The Danebod community is home to programs that preserve, teach, and celebrate Danish American culture on the Minnesota prairie.

1878 Photograph showing the Helvetia General Store as well as members of the owner's family and other community members

Helvetia General Store

Helvetia General Store, operated by Reinhold Zeglin. Photo shows Zeglin family and various community members, c.1878.

a map graphic indicating the locations of ghost towns, as well as existing towns, within the boundaries of Carver County

Carver County Ghost Towns map

Carver County Ghost Towns map

Ghost Towns of Carver County

Ghost towns convey a certain image, thanks to popular culture. Despite this portrayal, ghost towns are simply former towns, places settled and then abandoned for a variety of reasons. Every state in the United States has them and they are part of the history of a region, including Carver County.


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