Nonpartisan League

Exploited by powerful corporate and political interests in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Midwestern farmers banded together in the early twentieth century to fight for their political and economic rights. Farmers formed the Nonpartisan League (NPL) and wrote a significant chapter of Minnesota's progressive-era history.

MN90: The Citizens League

What makes Minnesota unique? The lakes, the weather...and the Minnesota Citizen's League. For over 60 years, the Minnesota Citizens League has helped tackle some of the toughest problems in the state. MN90 producer Allison Herrera tells us more about this influential organization.

Portrait of Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Portrait of Thomas Wilson, 1899.

Photograph of Willis A. Gorman

Willis A. Gorman

Photo of Willis A. Gorman, c.1861.

Photograph of Minnesota Senate with Alexander Ramsey and Henry Sibley

Minnesota Senate with Governors Alexander Ramsey and Henry H. Sibley

Minnesota Senate with Alexander Ramsey and Henry H. Sibley, 1859.

Portrait of Henry Sibley

Henry Sibley

Portrait of Henry Sibley, c.1860.

Black and white photograph with a view towards the capitol.

St. Paul looking toward State Capitol

View of St. Paul in 1857, including the Capitol building.

Black and white engraving of the first capitol building

Capitol, St. Paul

The first Minnesota Capitol, 1853-1872.

Color image of Cathy Haukedahl.

Cathy Haukedahl

Cathy Haukedahl, Executive Director of Minnesota Legal Aid.


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