Grant County farmers among the marchers to the State Capitol.

Grant County Farmer's Holiday Association among the marchers to the State Capitol, 1935. Photograph by George E. Luxton.

Farmers' Holiday Association in Minnesota

The Farmers' Holiday Association was formed in 1932. The Midwestern organization successfully fought against farm foreclosures with novel strategies like penny auctions, but unsuccessfully lobbied Congress for a federal system that would pay farmers for their crops based on the cost of production.

Karl Rolvaag campaigning, profile

Karl Rolvaag campaigning

Karl Rolvaag campaigning, c.1962. Photograph by Jerome Liebling.

Karl Rolvaag

Karl Rolvaag

Karl Rolvaag photographs, c.1964.

Elmer L. Andersen

Elmer L. Andersen

Elmer L. Anderson photographs, c.1960

Gubernatorial Election Recount, 1962

An unusually close election in 1962 led to a recount in the race between Minnesota Governor Elmer L. Andersen and his challenger, Lieutenant Governor Karl F. Rolvaag. The outcome remained in doubt for more than four months as thousands of ballots were recounted all across the state.

Black and white photograph of Henry Sibley wearing the uniform of a brigadier general, 1862.

Henry H. Sibley, brigadier general

Henry H. Sibley as a brigadier general in the United States Volunteer Army, 1863.

Alexander Ramsey

Alexander Ramsey

Alexander Ramsey, Territorial Governor circa 1848.

Treaty of Mendota

The Treaty of Mendota was signed between the Mdewakanton and Wahpekute bands of the Dakota and the United States Government in 1851. By signing this treaty and the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux the same year, the Dakota transferred ownership of their lands to the United States. The Treaties of 1851 opened millions of acres to white settlement. For the Dakota, the treaties represented a step towards the loss of their homeland, and the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862.

Sean Kershaw

Sean Kershaw

Sean Kershaw is the current Citizens League executive director and has held the office since 2003


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