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Today's Date: September 29

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Dakota leaders sign a treaty in Washington, DC, selling their lands east of the Mississippi River for about $500,000 in cash and goods. This treaty, along with the Ojibwe treaty of the same year, opens eastern Minnesota to settler colonists. Representatives for the United States are Joel R. Poinsett and Lawrence Taliaferro, while Wahpe Sa (or Wabasha, meaning Red Leaf), Wakinyan Tanka (Big Thunder), and Maza Hota (Grey Iron) sign for the Dakota.


St. Paul's first McDonald's restaurant opens on Fort Road. A hamburger costs fifteen cents.


James Jenkins and his son Steven Jenkins (now Steven Jenkins Anderson) lure Ruthton bankers Rudy Blythe and Toby Thulin to their ten-acre dairy farm, which had been repossessed by Blythe's bank, and kill them both. The murders spur a nationwide manhunt, ending with Steven Jenkins's surrender and James Jenkins's suicide in northern Texas. Steven Jenkins, barely eighteen years old at the time, professes his innocence but is convicted of the murders. Seventeen years later he would admit in an interview that he had killed the bankers.