This Day in Minnesota History

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Today's Date: November 22

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Samuel W. Pond marries Cordelia Eggleston within Minneapolis city limits.


Gas light arrives in Minneapolis.


Farmington suffers a major fire.


To thwart the talents of the Minneapolis Lakers' George Mikan, the Fort Wayne Pistons basketball team plays a slow-down game that results in a 19-18 victory for the Pistons. Their tactic also results in the 24-second shot clock, implemented a few seasons later.


A merger of giant railroad companies creates the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. The Burlington Northern had long been a major railroad in Minnesota, itself the result of mergers between the Great Northern Railway, the Northern Pacific Railway, and the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.


The movie Jingle All the Way opens. Produced by and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film takes place in Minneapolis, but scenes were shot all around the Twin Cities metro area, including locations in downtown St. Paul, in Eden Prairie, on Harriet Island, and on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.