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Today's Date: April 18

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The first recorded mention of farming by white Minnesotans is made in a letter written by George H. Monk, who notes crops of potatoes, oats, cabbages, beets, beans, pumpkins, and Indian corn being cultivated at the North West Company's fur trading posts on Sandy and Leech Lakes.


Soldiers at Fort St. Anthony (later called Fort Snelling) view Minnesota's first officially recorded tornado, which damages the barracks' roof.


In an unprecedented move and a milestone in Minnesota's labor history, two hundred and sixty women employed at the clothing factory of Shotwell, Clerihew & Lothman on Second Street in Minneapolis walk out, demanding that piece rates, which had been cut at the first of the year, be restored. Although the company agreed to make small reforms, few of the strikers returned to work. Due to lack of workers or to a boycott by sympathetic community members, Shotwell, Clerihew & Lothman closed its doors a few months later.