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Soudan Mine, Tower

The Soudan Mine, which opened in 1884, is located at the western edge of the Vermilion range, about two miles northeast of Tower. It was the first iron mine in the state, and its first ore shipment in the summer of 1884 marked the beginning of the state's mining industry.

Walker, Thomas Barlow (T.B.), (1840–1928)

Thomas Barlow (T.B.) Walker worked his way through school and into Minnesota's lumber industry, where he became unusually successful. He later helped found two of Minneapolis's significant cultural organizations, the Public Library System and the Walker Art Center.

De la Barre, William (1849–1936)

While working at Minneapolis's Washburn mills in the late 1870s, William de la Barre became an internationally known hydroelectricity expert and a key player in the development of water power at St. Anthony Falls.

Lowry, Thomas (1843–1909)

Thomas Lowry was one of the most influential and admired men in Minneapolis at the time of his death in 1909. Streetcars, railroads, libraries, and many other endeavors benefited from his involvement.

Sawmills, Red Lake Indian Reservation

Since the first sawmill was built near Red Lake in 1856, the harvesting and processing of timber has been a significant part of the local economy. It has provided an enduring source of income for the Ojibwe living in the area that is now the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

Hot Ponds

The heated mill pond, or "hot pond," was invented around 1890. This innovation in Minnesota logging made it possible for logging companies to run their sawmills year-round.

Herbert Paist's Soo Line pin

Herbert Paist's Soo Line pin

Two-part Soo Line lapel pin used by Soo Line employee Herbert Paist

Soo Line wooded box cars at Shoreham Yards

Soo Line wooded box cars at Shoreham Yards

Soo Line wooded boxcars at Shoreham Yards, Central Avenue and Twenty-Eighth, Minneapolis, 1982. Photograph by R. G. Smedley

'Soo Line' sign

'Soo Line' sign

Enameled steel Soo Line sign from the mid-twentieth century. Manufactured by Vertibrite Signs, Chicago.

Soo Line dining car tray

Soo Line dining car tray

Soo Line dining car tray showing map of Soo Line route, 1930s.


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