Minnesotans in solidarity with Muslim Americans against Islamophobia event

Color image of a Minnesotans in solidarity with Muslim Americans against Islamophobia event, 2015.


Solidarity event held at Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque on December 14, 2015. Dar Al-Hijrah's main religious leader, Imam Sharif Mohamed, stands with hands clasped at center right. The Islamic Civic Society of America is a civic institution that seeks to demonstrate the compatibility between Islamic principles and the principles of democracy. An example of their work was experienced on a cold winter’s night in December, when ICSA hosted an event to discuss Islamophobia in America. More than a hundred Minnesotans from diverse racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds came to support their Muslim American colleagues, friends, and neighbors, who have faced increasing incidents of prejudice and discrimination in the 2010s. Several elected officials and religious leaders (including imams, rabbis, and pastors) saw Islamophobia as opposing American ideals of freedom and democracy, and vowed to help protect the rights of Muslim Americans. This type of event is one of many hosted by ICSA at Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque.

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