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Farmers gathered for group photograph in Kerkhoven, Minnesota.

Farmers Institute, Kerkhoven

Farmers' Institute, Kerkhoven, Minnesota, in Swift County, 1913.

Black and white photograph of Oren C. Gregg, c.1905.

Oren Cornelius Gregg of Lynd. Superintendent of the Farmers Institute and Lyon County Auditor for 10 years.

Oren C. Gregg, superintendent of the Farmers' Institute, and Lyon County auditor for ten years, c.1905. Photograph by James A. Brush.

Crowd gathering outside for Farmers' Institute meeting in Badger, Minnesota.

Farmers Institute at Badger, Minnesota.

Farmers' Institute at Badger, Minnesota, in Roseau County, June 9, 1904.

Farmers' Institutes, 1880s–1920s

In the 1880s, Minnesota farmers saw the need for education but resisted "book farming," or learning how to farm by reading instructional text. Farmers' institutes, lecture series that traveled to rural communities and taught practical farming skills, were popular alternatives in the 1880s through the 1920s.

photograph featuring class pictures of the students and teacher of St. Peter Claver's second grade class

Second grade class, St. Peter Claver, St. Paul

Second grade class, St. Peter Claver, St. Paul, 1959–1960.

photograph of ruth myers

Ruth Myers

Portrait of Ruth Myers

Myers, Ruth A. (1926–2001)

Ruth A. Myers was known as the “grandmother of American Indian education in Minnesota.” A persistent voice for American Indian children and their families, Myers focused on education policy as well as learning opportunities for American Indian children. She also produced curriculum and resource materials that reflected American Indian history and culture for all Minnesota learners.

Photograph shows children waiting to check out books at the Waconia Public Library

Children at the Waconia Public Library

Children checking books out with the librarian at the Waconia Public Library.

A black and white photograph showing CCHS President O.D. Sell in Mayer with a donated banner from the German Reading Society.

O. D. Sell with a banner from the German Reading Society

CCHS President O.D. Sell in Mayer with a donated banner from the German Reading Society, 1942.

Carver County Library System

Libraries have been a part of Carver County history since the county was started. The earliest library began in 1858, and many more followed. In the twenty-first century, there are five full libraries and three express library branches. Total circulation is over one million books per year and rising.


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